Good People Do Bad Things Because Of Trust?

Good People Do Bad Things Because Of Trust?

Good People Do Bad Things Because Of Trust?

One bad thing about trusting is that it is used by the untrustworthy to manipulate people like us who are just trying to do the best we can without knowing everything.

When there are people who study us just to learn how to manipulate us do a world of harm before their devious influences are recognized and abandoned.

It’s not like we have to go put them in prison. Matter of fact most of them are being manipulated by a small elite of POOP’ers. (Those who are addicted to Power Over Other People.)

Imagine the power we take back when we:

1.) question authority… especially the authority that includes our personal beliefs

2.) explore different resources until we find 1 or more contrarian sources of information

3.) Make our own decisions when practical and/or really important

4.) Beware the trap of choosing between 2 stupid decisions or believing that Freedom comes from finding an alternative within a system that doesn’t work and/or is immoral.

5.) Thinking that this world can only be the best it can ever be under the control of the POOP’ers presently in charge or their fellow gang members and that Individual Freedom is what the POOP’ers tell us it is.

The world exists as it is only so long as we continue to support it as is.

What can we learn and apply from this awakening.

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