Good Stuff To Know About Water

Good Stuff To Know About Water

This article explores the really fascinating stuff about structured Water & everyday stuff like…

  • everyday information about water storage,
  • filtration,
  • bacterial buildup,
  • plastics or metal leaching into your water,
  • uses and short comings of distilled water,
  • and a wealth of other practical information…

Structured water has many benefits and you can structure your own water simply and quickly.

By Dr. Mercola

Water is essential for life, and we typically assume that water is “clean” or “good” provided you’re not getting your water from a contaminated source. But can water ever “go bad”?

If you have a water filtration system in your home, it may not occur to you that your water could become contaminated after a while—until you go to clean out the holding tank, that is.

If you fail to regularly clean out the holding tank of a reverse osmosis filter, it could lead to an absolute mess of microbial growth that is certainly NOT going to produce clean, pure water when you turn on the tap.

And, as noted by Dr. Kellogg Schwab, director of the Johns Hopkins University Water Institute in a recent Time article,1 factors such as ambient temperature and exposure to sunlight and/or your lips can introduce microorganisms into your water glass or bottle, if left out for extended periods of time, which can then begin to thrive under the right conditions.

Reusing disposable plastic water bottles also has its risks, as discussed in the featured Huffington Post article.2 In short, water could “go bad” if you store it improperly, reuse dirty bottles, or fail to regularly clean your water filtration system.

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Your Body Benefits from Living, Structured Water

… (See the video above.)

How to Obtain Structured, Living Water

Water is not unexplored; but, it is largely ignored by mainstream medical then regulated and controlled to our disadvantage by local and federal government.

Water is too important to leave in the hands of bureaucrats and other incompetents.

Explore and use what you learn. You’ll be glad you are.

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