Got Pain?

Got Pain?

Got Pain? The federal government wars on drugs did not fail, it’s just insane. Explore our list of 16+ choices you can make anyway.

A drug war provides political power elite excuses to lie about their power addiction. They use it to justify snooping and tracking every penny we own.

Therefore, the war on drugs is not failing, it’s just another insane excuse to grab more and more political power to protect and expand the kingdom of DC and all of its monopolies, cartels, and the numbers of czars to rule us unruly types.

Whenever governments deprive us of rights and choices, we must do what we can with what we can. One way to defeat tyranny is to be so creative and innovative, that we create abundance and solutions faster than they can destroy or limit us.

Do not dwell on our lost freedoms or seek to go backwards. Much of our lost freedom is found only in state approved history books and never existed in reality.

Focus on what freedom you can use and it will expand despite the power addicted and their followers who push for more government and less freedom.  

This next article provides a list of 16 alternatives to mainstream drugs you can use for pain.

We have included 1 video your rulers would not approve of. Think about the video and whether or not, the thugs who rule your life have your best interests at heart or theirs.

It includes one I never heard of…

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