Government Mandated Stupidity VS Rebellion?

Government Mandated Stupidity Vs Rebellion?

Government Mandated Stupidity Vs Rebellion?

DC is filled with bureaucrats and politicians whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance… And we, the serfs, are sick of their stupidity and rule.

DC operates to increase their power over others (foreign and domestic), profit protectionism for pet monopolies and cartels that pay them money, paychecks, perks, and all the perversions that stink out from political power.

In order to maximize health, we have to be curious, informed, and questioning about the what and why of anything that can harm or help us. And we have to tell the ruling lunatics “No!” the best ways we can.

When and where possible, join with others who choose not to have their lives ruled by the greatest concentration of lawyers on the planet and their flunkies.

As a general rule, I dislike political actions. They do little good in the long run. Until more of us understand our right and responsibility as jurors to protect those who refuse to let DC control their lives and choices, sometimes it may make sense to use the broken tools of the legal system and the political process to protect our vanishing freedoms.

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Government Mandated Stupidity Vs Rebellion?

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How to eliminate employee influenza vaccine mandates

(NaturalNews) The Department of Health and Human Services “Healthy People 2020” initiative recommends that 90% of U.S. healthcare workers, and 80% of all other U.S. employees be vaccinated annually with the influenza vaccine by 2020.

While it is *not* true that hospitals will lose Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements if they don’t reach the 90% mark (there is only a reporting requirement, not a minimum vaccination rate requirement), each year, another wave of hospitals implement mandates as we get closer to 2020, and we can expect this trend to spread to other industries rapidly between now and 2020.

And this is only the start; there are hundreds of new vaccines in development.

Multiple mainstream sources reveal that influenza vaccines are unreliable at best, or even counterproductive, and federal government statistics reveal that injuries and deaths caused by influenza vaccines are greater than all other vaccines combined.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry routinely engages in massive criminal behavior, with individual criminal fines reaching the billion-dollar mark. There are three steps needed to end this insanity:

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