GSK Consultant Uses Grandson for Manipulation Campaign?

GSK Consultant Uses Grandson for Manipulation Campaign?

…Compare doing what works very well to what doesn’t. If you’ve ever done things in your life that were based on the facts of the situation and devoid of any emotional appeal, you probably now have a memorable event of what doesn’t work for your desired outcomes.

Imagine seeing a totally emotional appeal with no logic or relevant facts in the presentation… Think of any drug commercial where they tell a story of how 1 person had their life changed for the better by xzy drug… (Many such drugs are withdrawn from the market because of the number of people killed or crippled by that drug.)

The power of the story outweighed the hurried recitation at the end where someone speed talks through a litany of side effects including death that are ignored; because, of the story.

“Side effects include death, anal leakage, impotence, blindness, incessant itching, loss of co-ordination, premature dementia, drooling, dizziness, and projectile vomiting…

Be sure to get your prescription filled today.”

Imagine a promotional campaign based on facts and logic – Without A Story of 1 Child, 1 Person, or 1 Family. The campaign won’t work nearly as well for a cause even though we may know the cause is good, logical, and well founded in facts. The promotion may not even raise enough to pay for itself. 

But our primary problem does not come from human nature!


It is the difference in dollars! It is the difference in dollars! It is the difference in dollars!


A campaign that successfully protects monopolies and cartels from choice and competition is going to rake in billions. And the drug pushing pharmaceutical giants will spend millions and millions to create or protect their pipelines of profit that tap into political power to promote their drug and forbid non-compliance. 

It’s mega-money, monopoly, and emotion against poorly funded health freedom.

A campaign that merely protects children is not creating future rivers of profits.

Parents can’t tap into millions of dollars overnight, open a headquarters, and raise advertising dollars to bend the media companies who are raking in hundred of millions of dollars annually from the drug lords.

What we can do is small. It’s worth doing anyway.

Imagine that when you see an advertisement or PR campaign and if it focuses on the story of 1 child or 1 person or 1 family, you immediately remember: it is an attempt to manipulate you.

That doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. It only means we are being manipulated.

Imagine you decide to do NOTHING until you check out the facts for and against whatever you saw; because, only you have the power to protect us all from manipulators. 

We have more power to protect each other – from those who think they are so smart they should rule and we should be forced to obey – than we do to protect ourselves.

Be aware – that even though we can know what we are watching is manipulative – our minds will tend to favor the story and not the facts. That’s why it’s important for us to investigate on our own; because, our decision to reach a good decision helps our minds get past the manipulation to decide for ourselves.

We have no perfect options. We can always do better than we’re doing.

Please share this post with others; because, it will help stop the negative results of hundreds of millions of dollars of manipulation campaigns used by those with access to ill-gotten gains what are spending the money to make money through monopoly power and political influence.

A better world with a better future requires you and I to change. It is not about changing others except by example, persuasion, and good stories.

We can create natural defenses to the manipulation of the ruling elite of dark pharma, war pushers, magic money manipulators, and the others of the Dark Side of what it means to be human. We can become aware, share, and alert each other when we see the works of the professional mega-money manipulators.

Pharma-connected vaccine pushers chemically abuse children in push for medical tyranny

(NaturalNews) He’s a cute little guy who just wants everyone to get vaccinated so he doesn’t have to worry about contracting measles while undergoing chemotherapy treatments for leukemia — or at least that’s what his opportunistic parents told him to say recently in front of the Reed Union School Board of Trustees in California in an effort to eliminate vaccine exemptions for personal and religious reasons.

Seven-year-old Rhett Krawitt is adorable in every sense of the word, no doubt. But the way his parents are currently exploiting his condition to advocate for eliminating parental rights and medical choice in California is a textbook example of propaganda that appeals to emotion.

If enough people see the young boy on national news and think, “Those evil anti-vaxxers! Let’s go out right now and get the MMR vaccine, as a family,” then the propagandists have won…


Read the Rest of the Article to Discover the Nasty Little Secrets that the Emotional Manipulation in This “Let’s Have Mandatory Drug Profits” Ignore…

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GSK Consultant Uses Grandson for Manipulation Campaign?
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