Have You Heard Of Morgellons Disease?

Afraid To Look & Think For Yourself or Not?

Do skeptics say “Doctor’s say there’s no such disease”? Then claim you should do nothing but listen to the advice of those who say it’s all in your head?

Mainstream medical and most every other field have a hard time accepting things when they don’t have a theory that explains a condition or they have beliefs that don’t allow for the reality of what they’re observing.

Galileo excitedly asked Cesare Cremonini to look through his new telescope and see the mountains on the moon even though the moon was supposed to be perfectly round. Cremonini was 1 of 2 scholars who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope.

If you don’t know, mainstream medical and the drug companies have historically attempted to have providers of alternatives to their dismal products sued into oblivion or criminally prosecuted.

This next resource is Anthony Pantalleresco, an exceptional herbalist.

In order to protect himself and make certain no one ever successfully shut him up, he recorded 120 videos which demonstrated how to make the same herbal formulas he made and posted them on (and other places) where anyone can follow his step by step demonstrations to create their own formulas.

Now if the monopolies should go after him, they would just provide publicity for the videos.

I have followed his videos and made some of his chelation and other formulas for myself. I’m impressed.

Since mainstream by & large doesn’t admit there is Morgellons Disease and doesn’t know what to do about what they don’t admit, you need to explore sources who understand there really are mountains on the moon.

Afraid To Look & Think For Yourself or Not?

Afraid To Look & Think For Yourself or Not?
Flickr: The Huntington-TMOF – Barberini at telescope

Historically innovation and discoveries come from the wrong person, with the wrong credentials, grossly underfunded, who are attacked and belittled by the establishment.

Meet Tony>

Explore and decide for yourself. This is the first of 2 videos by Tony that we will be hosting. I repeat. I’m favorably impressed with Tony and his DIY formulas.

Making a Morgellons Scrubber

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