Heal Your Spirit to Maintain Health…

Heal Your Spirit to Maintain Health...

Heal Your Spirit to Maintain Health…

We live in a world that offers you daily doses of negative stress.

Take action to counteract the stress before it opens your mind, body, and spirit to illness, depression, and premature aging.

There are many methods to protect yourself.  This is a good Qigong meditation to heal your heart.

Your heart, mind, body, spirit are all entwined.  When you speak of one, you speak of all of them.

Qigong Meditation Is Simple w Many Pathways: Explore – Reflect and read more below this photo.

Heal Your Spirit to Maintain Health...

Heal Your Spirit to Maintain Health… Photo Source Flickr: Moyan Brenn

Five Step Protective Qigong Meditation

“Many people ask what they can do to protect themselves from outside influences. This is one of my favorite protective meditations from my medical qi gong teacher, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson.

“In modern energy healing modalities, it would not be considered unusual to hear of energy fields or auras. Even in Traditional Chinese Medicine the wei qi field is known to have a boundary that extends past the skin and its purpose is to offer protection…

This meditation is great to do before beginning your day of healing work. There are also certain places that one can use additional protection like entering a hospital, subway or airport.”

Wu Zang Protection Meditation Instructions

“Start by focusing on the center of your body. Imagine opening up the top of your head and begin to pull qi from the heavens. Imagine the divine light as a bright shining light, filling your entire body through the top of the head. Imagine this white light energy coalescing into the body’s center core, forming a tube of heavenly energy that extends from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet…”

Follow the link below to learn how to do this simple meditation.

Please note, this meditation is strictly based on imagination.  All you have to do is relax and imagine. Test it for yourself. See how it helps you feel. See if you like it or not.

And remember; you just learned enough to create your own.


  • Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 3: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Foundations, Treatment Principles and Clinical Protocols (pages 264-265)
  • By Professor Jerry Alan Johnson

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