Healing Innovators… Placebo and Nocebo

 Healing Innovators… Placebo and Nocebo

This short video tells a well known story with tremendous value about the power of your mind; but, what did they overlook?

Watch this 5 minute video and see if you are left with any interesting questions on what may have been overlooked in this video.

I find Placebo and Nocebo fascinating. Enjoy our explorations.

Simonton Documentary – Every Person Should Know

Dr. Carl Simonton was a pioneer in using your imagination to defeat cancer.  He founded an internationally known cancer institute which helped hundreds of patients and wrote the book, “Getting Well Again”which documented their procedures to supplement to mainstream treatments: techniques for learning positive attitudes, relaxation, visualization, goal setting, managing pain, exercise, and building an emotional support system.

 This story is well known.

The events were:

  1. The patient took Krebiozen
  2. His cancer went into remission
  3. There was a bad press announcement
  4. The bad press announcement provided a Nocebo Effect
  5. The patient’s doctor told him a tall tale and gave him a placebo
  6. The placebo combined with the tall tale provided strong and almost immediate help for the cancer
  7. The patient heard a confirming report on the news and died before the doctor ever saw him again…

This story is used extensively as a cautionary tale that Krebiozen does not work…

That is not proved by this sequence of events.

Most of what happened had no connection to the actual physical product, Krebiozen.

The only time it was given, it provided benefits.

The Nocebo Effect is also known as a “WitchDoctor Effect.”  In many cultures, a Witchdoctor can cast a spell on someone and they die from their belief in the powers of the Witchdoctor.

The negative press negated the early positive effect of taking Krebiozen.  We don’t know – from this story – whether or not the patient was getting any positive benefit from the Krebiozen or whether the benefit was from the Placebo Effect or Both.

What this story does demonstrate is the negative power of the Nocebo Effect to transform good health into bad health or death.

We’ll provide a story on the suppression of Krebiozen, it’s triumph in court and other details to verify the potential value of Krebiozen for yourself.

Or get the story of 12 suppressed non-toxic healing technologies here. You will find descriptions of some of the protocols used. They’re a bit dated, but if you do some searching, you can find the updated versions:


Unfortunately, the bad guys won outside of court and suppressed another anti-cancer technology that outperforms chemo and radiation by huge margins.

Watch for postings on Krebiozen and/or Suppressed Cancer Cures.

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