High Blood Pressure Vs Beetroot Juice & Nitrous Oxide?

Tachyphylaxis is the rapid fall off of the results created by whatever you are testing.

For instance, coffee helps wake your mind up by releasing neurochemicals in your brain that help you wake up and be alert.

If you continue to drink coffee when there are no neurochemicals left to release; because, you used the current supply, the coffee provides the jitters without the benefits.

You have to wait until your brain manufactures more neurochemicals.

I’m sure that’s not a text book definition.

We’re not trying to pass tests, we’re looking for helpful information and how we might apply it.

That’s the “Tachyphylaxis” effect of coffee.

The article then provides the following information for you to decipher:

Mean (95% CI) reduction in clinic blood pressure was 7.7/2.4mmHg (3.6-11-8/0.0-4.9,p<0.001 and p=0.050). 24h ambulatory blood pressure was reduced by 7.7/5.2mmHg (4.1-11.2/2.7-7.7,p<0.001 for both).



Home blood pressure was reduced by 8.1/3.8mmHg (3.8-12.4/0.7-6.9,p<0.001 and p<0.01) with no evidence of tachyphylaxis over the 4-week intervention period.

 Which means what?…

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