High Blood Pressure Vs Beetroot Juice & Nitrous Oxide?


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Hypertension. 2015 Feb ;65(2):320-7. Epub 2014 Nov 24. PMID: 25421976


Abstract Title:

Dietary nitrate provides sustained blood pressure lowering in hypertensive patients: a randomized, phase 2, double-blind, placebo-controlled study




UNLABELLED: Single dose administration of dietary inorganic nitrate acutely reduces blood pressure (BP) in normotensive healthy volunteers, via bioconversion to the vasodilator nitric oxide.


We assessed whether dietary nitrate might provide sustained BP lowering in patients with hypertension.


We randomly assigned 68 patients with hypertension in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial to receive daily dietary supplementation for 4 weeks with either dietary nitrate (250 mL daily, as beetroot juice) or a placebo (250 mL daily, as nitrate-free beetroot juice) after a 2-week run-in period and followed by a 2-week washout.


We performed stratified randomization of drug-naive (n=34) and treated (n=34) patients with hypertension aged 18 to 85 years.


The primary end point was change in clinic, ambulatory, and home BP compared with placebo.


Daily supplementation with dietary nitrate was associated with reduction in BP measured by 3 different methods. Mean (95% confidence interval) reduction in clinic BP was 7.7/2.4 mm Hg (3.6-11.8/0.0-4.9, P


Keywords: Blood pressure, Nitric Oxide, Nitrites, Nitrates, Diet

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