History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic

 History of Alternative Medicine InfoGraphic?

This is a a very brief history of Alternative Medicine as an Infographic.

This is Infographic supplied by the insurance industry and is very unrealistic about what will happen if zerocare begins to regulate the industry. Politicians say stupid things like, “We’re paying for it; therefore, we must regulate it for the good of the people.”

Politicians don’t pay for anything.  Money is taken from us by force whether we want their so-called services or not.  The politicians, bureaucrats and IRS take a huge chunk of our money for themselves and then decide what we get with the mangled remains of our money.

For all of that this oversimplified history does provide several highlights.  They don’t mention that the AMA was started to provide monopoly status to medical doctors and the fledgling fat pharmaceutical companies. The AMA eventually lost its battle to put chiropractors out of business in the Supreme Court.

We will be covering many of the successful pioneers who were responsible for many of the innovations in medicine.  We will also spend some time with therapies that were suppressed despite their proven worth.

For now this is a Brief History of Alternative Medicine.


Alternative medicine: Healing now and healing then [Infographic]

From: Bankrate Insurance’s


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