How Stem Cells Saved a Loving Dog by a Vet

How Stem Cells Saved a Loving Dog by a Vet

How Stem Cells Saved a Loving Dog by a Vet

I found a reported successful treatment for a dog that cost 50% less than customary treatments and the customary treatments perform poorly.

It could be that animal owners will find this treatment much more available than people do for quite a while.  If your pet needs help, do a little searching to find out what is available for your loved ones.

How Stem Cells Saved a Loving Dog by a Vet

How Stem Cells Saved a Loving Dog by a Vet…
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“Max, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, became my patient about a year ago. Max had severe osteoarthritis that, over time, became so severe that it kept him from getting around on his own.

After exhausting all their options trying multiple medications, Max’s family came to me debating on whether or not they should put him to sleep. They wanted to know if stem cell therapy might help.

“As I examined Max, he wagged his tail but could not stand without help… ”

One month after Max’s stem cell therapy, I had him come back for a recheck.

I would not have recognized him if his parents had not been there. Max greeted me at the door, tail wagging and face smiling.

He still had healing ahead of him, and was limping on his front legs. But we went outside and I watched this happy dog walk slowly on his own.

After further evaluation, we planned another check-up, and I looked forward to seeing his progress.” “…

Cristina Miliaresis has a doctorate in veterinary medicine…
“She has been practicing for over 10 years and is the owner of Surf Paws Animal Hospital located in Hawaii Kai on Oahu.

Dr. Miliaresis was introduced to stem cell therapy when her dog suffered an injury and was not a candidate for orthopedic surgery.

She was able to witness first-hand the life changing results of this therapy.

Dr.Miliaresis is grateful for the ability to bring comfort to her patients with this breakthrough treatment.”

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