How To Choose & Use Water In All Of Its Roles

How To Choose & Use Water

How To Choose & Use Water #2

This next article provides you the results of independent tests on water filters. They can come in handy.

Keep in mind, they made a list of qualities and tested for their list. That doesn’t mean they tested for everything they should have or that their results are properly weighted for how the water from those filters will help you.

Each of us has fairly unique circumstances with the water we have available.

This article a great place to start and a poor place to finish.

How To Choose & Use Water

How To Choose & Use Water
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Water filters tested for heavy metals removal: Zero Water, Pur, Brita, Mavea, Culligan, Seychelle and Waterman

(NaturalNews) As promised, we’ve now published the results from testing countertop water filters for their ability to remove toxic heavy metals and elements with radioactive isotopes. The brands we tested are:

* Zero Water
* Pur
* Brita
* Seychelle
* Culligan
* Mavea
* Waterman Portable Alkaline Water Purifier

(We also tested large “survival” gravity filters, with results to be published separately here on Natural News.)

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The above is #2 of 4 articles/posts we will publish today as we explore water.

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