How To Pass Vaccine Freedom Legislation In Unfree States?

How To Pass Vaccine Freedom Legislation In Unfree States?

There are feel good ways to approach legislators, pompous ways, and effective ways.

Take a look at one of the effective ways to gain favorable attention by treating them with respect. They are not all corrupted yet.

Some are in the service of drug companies. Some just hate freedom of any sort.

You do what you can with what you can. After the links, we have included a post on the 10th Amendment Center which is using State Law where it supersedes federal law to reduce the amount of laws we suffer under. It helps politicians to protect our rights instead of taking them and some even learn to like doing good for a change.

State Bills Attacking Vaccine Exemptions: A Seven Step Approach to Advocacy in Your State

By Dawn Loughborough

Last Friday Maryland advocates celebrated victory over an extreme bill called HB0687 designed to remove religious exemptions for vaccination of school age children. Concerned families, physicians, and religious leaders came together over this past month to protect principles and request that the bill be dropped/opposed. Maryland delegates handled a barrage of communications coming from people from all walks of life who were concerned and opposed the bill.

The bill was withdrawn and the committee hearing cancelled.  According to The Daily Record, on March 13, 2015, “A Prince George’s County delegate whose law practice includes representing clients who claim adverse reaction to vaccines has withdrawn a bill that would have removed a religious exemption to the state’s vaccination law.” The bill sponsor, Delegate Benjamin Barnes, went on to say that the bill was unnecessary in Maryland.

The movement has begun. Compassion is rising. Fear is falling. The people are in action. Here are seven steps to help you be effective in your state.

  1. Organize Proactively. Sign up for advocacy portals. The NVIC Advocacy Portal at describes each bill on vaccines. Set up local social media groups to organize and find one another. Monitor and create a safe space to share information.
  2. Embrace Collaboration. Health is a conversation everyone owns.  Join efforts with people who are have shared concerns. Reach out to people who believe in civil rights, freedom, personal choice, and those who stand up for medical autonomy. Use multiple forms of advocacy. Books and media – movies like “Trace Amounts” and “Bought” are excellent support for this work. Videos and memes help to educate and spread the message quickly…

Learn All Necessary Steps at the Original Source…

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How To Pass Vaccine Freedom Legislation In Unfree States?

How To Pass Vaccine Freedom Legislation In Unfree States?
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