How To Use Lights & Colors To Activate Your Immune System

How To Use Lights & Colors To Activate Your Immune System

…there was no electric lightbulb option.

“Principles of Light and Color (by Dr. Babbitt, first edition published in 1878), detailed many case histories successfully treated with color therapy using even a rudimentary device: a colored glass bottle.

“It has been reprinted through the years in its original 560-page format as well as in edited versions (see item S above). The original book also covered his thoughts regarding the value of different colors for plant life, in clothing, etc.”

You can find out more about the history of this marvelous therapy from the Dinshah Society. Link above. I have a book by Dr. William Campbell Douglas “The Healing Power of Light.”  Or do a search and a new world will open to you.

Drug worshipping cults have been created by dark pharma. They want drugs, which they see as “Science”, and anything that isn’t a drug, radiation, or surgery they see as “Anti-science”.

The more we learn to use what’s around us, that’s cheap and provides benefits, the more those who can’t afford drugs or don’t want to live a life on drugs can heal and improve.

The world gets better by exploration, observation, testing, and questioning everything under the sun.

Go boldly. Throw off the shackles of propaganda and opinions worshipped as laws. Question everything and the hardest of the questions are those that question your own deeply held beliefs, blind spots, and things you may have taught to others.

I can’t promise how successful you’ll be. I can promise it’s a fascinating way to explore your inner world and how it filters the world around you. Explore and enjoy.


The Healing Power of Light

By Dr. Mercola

By now you’re probably aware of the importance of vitamin D. Ideally, it’s best to get it from the sun, because sunlight provides a number of other benefits as well, over and beyond vitamin D synthesis, that you simply cannot get from food or a supplement.

Alexander Wunsch is a German physician of holistic medicine and photobiology. He’s also the CEO of Medical Light Consulting in Heidelberg, Germany. He believes, like I do, that the sun is a great healer.

He believes that it’s the unity of biophysics and biochemistry that allows for life, and provides the human body with the essential ingredients for optimal health.

Earlier in his career, he invented a cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device, which helps you to optimize your brain function and beneficially influence your nervous system and hormone system.

“It was called Brainman and was in the early ‘90s. [Then] I got interested in other frequency ranges; not only the brainwave frequencies but the frequencies we can capture with our ears and detect with our eyes,” he says.

I got interested in the method called chromotherapy… which is the treatment of the body with colored light…

For example, green initiates a chain reaction in your system, which tends to balance your autonomous reactions. The blue light of the sky induces other specific reactions. I found out that I could use this quite successfully to alter biological functions.”

The Importance of Heliotherapy for Optimal Health

After working with the visible part of the color spectrum, Alexander began investigating the effects of near-infrared, which is the frequency range coming after visible red, at the end of the rainbow color spectrum. Near-infrared is a very important radiation, and more than 40 percent of visible light is near-infrared.

“In nature, it’s a very important spectral portion of the whole spectrum we are given by the sun,” he says. “Finally, I got interested in the effects of ultraviolet light.

I knew from my medical studies that we have to be careful with ultraviolet light. I started to collect old textbooks on light therapy, light biology, or photobiology. What I learned from these books was quite amazing.

Most of them were written in the times before the era of antibiotics. The doctors, the physicians, had to be very diligent using sunlight and also using ultraviolet light sources for artificial application of ultraviolet radiation. Finally, I came to the conclusion that we are perfectly adapted to the radiation of our sun.”

Heliotherapy, or sun therapy, is when you use sunlight directly without removing or altering any part of the light spectrum. Early examples of heliotherapy include the use of sunlight to treat tuberculosis prior to the discovery of antibiotics, and they did that quite successfully.

Sunlight was also used to treat rickets and other diseases associated with light deficiency (which we now know as vitamin D deficiency). According to Alexander humans are adapted to sunlight as a complex stimulus, and when you remove that stimulus (sunlight), you end up with problems.

“We need the stimulus at a certain dosage to keep our system running,”he says. “Sunlight exposure is definitely much more than tanning. Tanning is just what you see, what is visible on your skin…

This is one very important part: if your skin is exposed to sunlight, you will experience some invisible changes in your circulatory system. The capillaries, for example, will be modified under the influence of sunlight.

The skin is closely linked to the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It’s a kind of an external organ of the vegetative system in your body. For example, when you live under summer conditions, we need much more water in our system in order to produce enough sweat, in order to cool down our body.

This means that sunlight not only influences the skin, but it influences all the inner organs as well. It’s a kind of concert, which is started by the stimulus of sunlight.”

Vitamin D: A Chronobiological Stress Hormone

Wunsch views vitamin D as a kind of “seasonal stress hormone,” explaining that chronobiological stress hormones such as adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and adrenaline-cortisol hormone blends are what enable you to get up in the morning, and help regulate the blood sugar concentration in your body, just to name a couple of their functions.

“When you think about the different tasks between summer and winter, it’s like reprogramming your heating system in your house, because in summer, the main focus is cooling down the system.

You have an intake of 1.5 kilowatts on the square meter, which means if you stay naked out in the sun, your body has to digest a lot of energy, which in the end, is transformed into thermal energy.

Cooling is the main task during the summertime and heating is the main task during winter time. This is linked to, for example, the circulatory system. It’s linked to our digestive system and so on,” he explains.

When we talk about sun exposure to optimize vitamin D production, we’re really only looking at a small portion of the action spectrum of light, because ultraviolet B radiation is the only portion able to photosynthesize vitamin D in your skin.

“As a consequence, when you think vitamin D is the only benefit you can get from sunlight, you will automatically focus on the ultraviolet B radiation [while ignoring all other portions of the light spectrum],” he notes.

But the health effects and benefits of sunlight are not restricted to ultraviolet B. Swiss specialist Dr. Auguste Rollier, who has written text books on heliotherapy, emphasized that the composition of the different parts of the light spectrum are of crucial importance to achieve all of the benefits you can get from the sun.

“For example, when you look at the cellular effects of ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A, it really depends on the dose if the radiation is beneficial to your system, or if the radiation unfolds odd reactions or effects as well. What we can say is that ultraviolet radiation photosynthesizes vitamin D on one hand, but on the other hand, it’s able to seriously damage cells. Ultraviolet B can alter the DNA structure. Ultraviolet A can produce and photosynthesize the reactive oxygen species in the tissue.

To cope with these side effects, your skin needs other parts in the spectrum. For example, the near-infrared and the red light, which we find in sunlight in a pretty large amount, provide metabolic power to the cells…I’m convinced that the full blend of specific wavelengths we have under the sun enables our body to react in the best way,” Mr. Wunsch says.

The Drawbacks of Windows and Artificial Lighting…

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