How to Use Placebo with Anything to Give It a Boost?

How to Use Placebo with Anything to Give It a Boost?

How to Use Placebo with Anything to Give It a Boost?

A mother’s kiss is a form of placebo effect to her child. I’m surprised the FTC hasn’t arrested these evil doers yet.

Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, the Life Extension pioneers, spoke at live seminars I used to hold. If memory serves me correctly, it was they who told me of a study that showed that when people could choose their treatment, they did better than when someone else chose the same treatment for them.

We can enhance almost anything with our participation.

Also placebo has been increasing in effectiveness over the past 10 years. There are many drugs that just barely beat placebo. So there are probably a fair number of drugs being marketed that can’t beat placebo anymore.

Placebo has no downsides… Therefore if you can figure out how to enhance whatever you are doing using the power of placebo, it’s free… it’s effective… it will boost other choices… and there’s no downside.

For instance, a mother could kiss a bottle of honey or other choice and tell her child that it will help the child sleep better, without disturbed by coughing, and the child will feel better when they wake in the morning.

The article we’re linking to has 4 suggestions to help you help yourself by making whatever choices you make more effective by activating placebo for yourself.

Explore and follow his suggestions and/or create you own. You can’t do yourself any harm. It may work incredibly well. And it’s free.

How to Use Placebo with Anything to Give It a Boost?

How to Use Placebo with Anything to Give It a Boost? Flickr: Bart-A Mother’s Love

How to Stimulate Your Placebo Response

After finishing my Internship at Baragwaneth Hospital in South Africa over 30 years ago, I went to apprentice in a busy General Practice in Johannesburg.

At the hospital, I had been treating acutely ill patients with pneumonia, broken bones and heart failure.

Now, patients were coming to see me with fatigue, aches and pains and insomnia, and despite my training, I didn’t know what to do.

Like most doctors, my medical education was in crisis care and I simply had not been taught to deal with these types of problems. These patients were not sick enough to be in hospital, but nor were they well and they automatically assumed a doctor could help.

The majority of patients a general practitioner sees are like this. I often refer to them as the “walking wounded” or “worried well”.

At my wits end, I went to Paul Davis, the wise GP I was apprenticing with at the time.

Paul smiled knowingly, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Most patients get better in spite of the medicines we give them, your job is to listen to them, be there for them, and support them”.

I watched him closely for the next year and noticed how he always fostered an atmosphere of caring by listening attentively to his patients, perhaps offering a word of encouragement or, when appropriate, a reassuring touch.

Patients walked out of his office occasionally with a prescription, but always feeling better and more hopeful, regardless of what they came in for.

From Paul I learned the art of medicine, how to pay attention to my patients and how to foster a good doctor/ patient relationship.

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I encourage you to go read the rest of the article; because, what doctors have lost in their ability to activate your natural abilities and your ability to feel better, you can replace with your own methods, once you realize you have the power to help yourself…

And if you’re lucky enough to have a doctor, you can still support and enhance whatever he does.

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