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How To Subdue Harmful Scents?

How To Subdue Harmful Scents?
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How To Subdue Harmful Scents?

This next article provides tips and tricks to counteract harmful fragrances…

Do some searching and you’ll find more… Including such obvious answers as finding what might be good for you and best way to get it into the air… And that may not be burning it.

Perhaps you can separate your candle’s light show from the scents you want to enjoy.


Monks who spend their days in silent contemplation, meditating away for hours in religious monasteries are the last people you would expect to get cancer. But as it turns out, one of their most coveted traditions could actually be doing them some harm.

I’m talking about burning incense.

Research conducted in Taiwan regarding the connection between incense and cancer concluded that the monks who spent a long time in monasteries had a higher risk of cancer, due to their long lasting exposure to the burning sandalwood fumes.

Sandalwood is the type of incense they commonly use.

However, it’s not just monks who are in danger.

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