If MainStream Doesn’t Hate It… Can It Be Any Good? What is MMS?

What is MMS and why is fat pharma attempting to scream it down?

If mainstream froths at the mouth over an alternative, does that mean it’s a great product?

Unfortunately, that’s the way it works in our monopoly world.

The existing monopolies and cartels are focused on protecting their territory and profits. The poor sick individual who needs help be damned.

MMS is an incredibly cheap and incredibly effective cure for malaria, which infected 207,000,000 people in 2012 and killed 627,000, mostly children, 77% under the age of 5.

MMS is only 5¢ per cure! $10,350,000 for MMS could have cured all 207 Million of them and saved the lives of over 482,000 children!

Fat pharma spends more than that each year to promote any one of their overpriced ineffective drugs… And they spend more than that making certain that MMS and other effective, inexpensive, almost side-effect free cures and treatments are ignored, demonized, or prosecuted.

The drug pushing cartels hate innovation, exploration, discoveries, and cheap cures. They spend $27 Billion each year on advertising, promotion, and demonizing cheap cures.

How much they spend lobbying above and below the table is anybody’s guess.

1/1oth of 1% of the drug cartel’s advertising budget could wipe out Malaria. Instead, they’ll spend more than that to protect malaria from cures.

Malaria is caused by a parasite and spread by mosquitos. Why would the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to End Malaria turn down this cure?…

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