Incompetent NY AG Leads Attack on Herbs?

Incompetent NY AG Invokes His Opinion to Attack Herbs?

Incompetent NY AG Leads Attack on Herbs?

Is New York, Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, seeking publicity, funding from drug companies, or merely another ignorant and arrogant politician stumbling around?

This is not a case of the Attorney General’s Office responding to consumer injuries or complaints.

What you pick up on immediately, when reading the announcements in NY Times and other mainstream coverage, is a sense of celebration that someone is attacking an industry fat pharma hates and has not been able to destroy…

The players appear to be hoping to use the publicity as a springboard to employ another layer of bureaucrats and regulators to help protect drugs from competition.

Mainstream media, the recipient of billions in drug dollars for advertising, applauds all attacks on health freedom.

The attorney general used a test that is NOT accepted as reliable and denies the results by tests that are considered reliable.

So how many millions should tax payers spend?

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