Insulin Is Dangerous & Diabetes Can Be Healed?

Insulin Is Dangerous & Diabetes Can Be Healed?

Insulin Is Dangerous & Diabetes Can Be Healed?

When Ignaz Semmelweis proved hand washing reduced mortality at birth for the mother and the infant to less than 1% from a range of 10% to 35%, he was laughed at and found it difficult to keep his teaching position and his students openly defied him.

What someone observed in one of articles or books I read, was that Semmelweis did not have an acceptable theory as to why hand washing reduced death so dramatically.

Doctors will not accept a practice no matter how successful if they don’t have a theory that matches the results.

“If the facts don’t match the theory, throw the facts out!” – Skeptics Handbook Volume 1

You and I have not been lifted to those Olympian heights where we can be that stupid and still con people out of their money.

So as we observe results, with or without a proper theory, let’s embrace the results and even experiment to improve them and let the regulators, academics, and experts create a theory when they’re ready.

I encourage you to explore cures for both Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes if you or a loved one is dealing with such a challenge. Don’t wait for the theories to catch up with those who are healing themselves.

Diabetes is dangerous. As always, we remind you this is to kickstart your questioning and thinking and that includes questioning this article and anything else you find. It is the start and not the end of your investigation.

Insulin Is Dangerous & Diabetes Can Be Healed?

Insulin Is Dangerous & Diabetes Can Be Healed?
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Research: Insulin Can Kill Diabetics; Natural Substances Heal Them

A paradigm-shifting study indicates that the standard of care for diabetics, including synthetic insulin and oral anti-diabetic drugs, increases morbidity and mortality from diabetes.

Natural substances, on the other hand, have proven healing properties that if used could mitigate the global diabetes epidemic.

A new study titled, “Glucose-lowering with exogenous insulin monotherapy in type 2 diabetes: dose association with all-cause mortality, cardiovascular events, and incident cancer,” renews concern over the harms caused by synthetic insulin in type 2 diabetics previously highlighted in a 2013 study that found double the death rate in type 2 diabetics on insulin therapy.

Contrary to popular notions about the ‘life saving’ value of synthetic insulin — a belief cleverly inculcated by Big pharma over the past three decades — bioidentical-sounding insulin brands such as Humulin (1978) and Humolog (1996) are less like human insulin in form and function than pig pancreas-derived forms, which they displaced from the market soon after being introduced (you can no longer buy pig-derive insulin in the U.S.).

Originally produced from genetically modified yeast, synthetic insulin’s structure, and subsequent folding pattern (conformation) and function, radically diverge from the type of insulin our bodies produce naturally…


If you have diabetes, use this research as an interesting starting point to find out more about your disease, criticisms about current treatment, and what alternatives are available with what results?

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