IWatch Monitor for Health Support?

IWatch Monitor for Health Support?

The Iwatch will have a lot of competition but Apple will probably open with the biggest bang this fall.

Computer cell censors; keep getting smaller, can do more, and prices continue to drop.

These sensors can monitor blood pressure, sugar and insulin levels fro diabetics, exercise throughout the day, and could do things like replacing current pacemakers with a much smaller version with control assistance from your watch.

Don’t expect everything day 1 of launch.  Do expect an incredible future  with dramatic changes in the next 5 years.  (If government monopoly protectors don’t get in the way, the possibilities will explode.)


Wearable Tech: The future of your health (Infographic)

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“Wearable fitness trackers are starting to be a big deal, and they can even upload your stats to social media so all your friends can see your progress.  This infographic breaks down what’s available, how they work, and their pros and cons.

“You can already purchase technology to wear on your body that can tell you everything from how many steps you walk in a day, to how well you sleep at night. Devices such as FitBit and Sony Core can take the guesswork out of staying fit and maintaining healthy habits – and they’re swiftly growing in popularity. According to a 2013 report from Berg Insight, a telecom industry research company, about 8.3 million wearable computers were sold worldwide in 2012, and that number was projected to rise to 64 million by 2017.

“However, the future of this kind of tech is moving to inside your body – soon, you will be able to use implantable and ingestible tech (such as digital pills) to monitor your health and perhaps treat chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. However, what if health insurers also have access to this data about your body? And if hackers can get your credit card information, what’s to stop them from accessing private data on your health? Find out more in our infographic.” Source: 

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