Journaling for Health? Tips…

Journaling For Health? Tips…

Can you Journal for health?  The answer is “Yes”… Not necessarily…

As with many things, you must fix your purpose and then explore ways to create your desired outcomes.

You were born with incredible Healing, Health, and Balance mechanisms that need some support now and again…

In the book, “Getting Well Again,” the Simontons document the benefits that people received by using their imaginations, drawing, writing and other methods to heal their cancer.

Your conscious use of techniques to activate your subconscious mind can create dramatic changes in every arena of your life.

This video provides an edited version of a longer presentation to provide a long list of tips on how to use Journaling effectively to support your health, healing, and inner peace.

Bookmark this page and have pen and paper handy or open a new document to take notes and to begin Journaling.  It only takes a few lines to be started.

 “Journal writing is a powerful tool for transforming our lives and our health. Expressive writing is a proven technique for reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, healing and personal growth. Listen for self-care inspiration!”

  • “Do you want to access your inner wisdom for greater clarity?
  • Are you feeling stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed?
  • Do you crave time to relax, reflect + replenish?
  • Do you long to come home within yourself?
  • Are you curious about the transformational + healing power of writing?”

“Write to awaken, discover, heal & grow. Your story matters.  Tap into your life force energy with Life Source Writing™.  Write from the heart + thrive!”

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