Magnesium -9 Out 10 Of Us Are Deficient- Are You?

Magnesium -9 Out 10 Of Us Are Deficient- Are You?

Magnesium -9 Out 10 Of Us Are Deficient- Are You?

Did you know most people are magnesium deficient? Do you know the symptoms magnesium deficiency can create and once we restore to proper levels, we can probably get rid of the symptoms unless our body is hampered by toxins.

Think about scurvy. When sailors received vitamin c, they mostly recovered… But as importantly, if they received proper levels of vitamin c, they never got scurvy in the 1st place.

Our levels of nutrition or lack of has a tremendous influence on our health. It’s not the only thing; but, it’s way important than drugs.

Dr. Sircus and his book on Magnesium are recent discoveries for me.

I am exceedingly impressed with his DIY approach to health and/or its restoration; which is inexpensive, easy to do it yourself, and has rapid results.

He teaches how to make our own alternative delivery methods, like how to make magnesium oil, so that we can receive the benefits of high levels of nutrients without the normal expense and how to avoid negative side effects… Plus he provides cautions so that what we do makes sense.

When he shows us the many benefits of inexpensive alternatives to dark pharma, mainstream medical monopolies and even our favorite nutrient suppliers, that means we can put our money back in our pockets while achieving and maintaining higher levels of health.

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Magnesium -9 Out 10 Of Us Are Deficient- Are You?

Magnesium -9 Out 10 Of Us Are Deficient- Are You? Flickr: Jonas Ahrentorp-Better living through chemistry

Magnesium Enemas and Marijuana Suppositories

Application of magnesium oil (chloride) to the outer skin and through the skin of the colon, are two different forms of transdermal medicine. The outer skin of the body is permeable. It can absorb minerals and other substances, which become bioavailable to the human body…

Using enemas, suppositories and nebulization as effective and direct routes for medicinal application is a good idea especially when higher dosages are required.

Japanese doctors have experimented with tegafur suppositories and glutathione IVs (I recommend high dosage glutathione suppositories instead) on cancer patients and those with serious infections.

Though rectal administrations (suppositories) have an unfairly bad reputation despite the diverse benefits they offer, they offer an excellent way to administer medicines at higher dosages…

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