Measles Vaccines Kill 108 Measles 0 So Push Vaccines?

Measles Vaccines Kill 108 Measles 0 So Push Vaccines?

With the incredible spending power of the drug companies, they get a lot of support from those who want their piece of the drug profit pie.

The drug pushers have started a mainstream media stampede that seeks to sensationalize measles as a threat while ignoring published reports showing the vaccines will kill or damage more children than the measles 2,800 times to 0 with 108 dying from the vaccine according to CDC & US Gov Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

The drug pushers want uninformed people to decide the fate of someone else’s children.

Only a fool would think drugs can be dangerous, right?

Is it lunacy to force measles vaccinations that killed 108 children and caused brain damage to 2,700 more, while in the same last 10 year period, the disease (measles) killed no one and left none brain damaged?

A small amount of our time to do some simple sharing can help save children from tragically uninformed good intentions…

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