Medicine Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Medicine Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Medicine Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Kali supplies a list of really good tips and some uses for Apple cider Vinegar I didn’t know about.

I will try the one for athlete’s foot which I get occasionally. And my nephew’s roommate has an ear infection. I’ll pass that along.

This is good practical stuff you or someone you care for can use easily and with little risk.

Medicine Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet?

Medicine Hiding In Your Kitchen Cabinet?
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By Kali Sinclair, Organic Lifestyle Magazine

In our family, we haven’t taken antibiotics for more than twenty years. We no longer catch annual or biannual colds and flu.

The years of chronic sinus infections and ear infections are long gone. The young children in our family are well, year round.

Once a year or so, one may run a mild fever or catch a mild respiratory infection that their immune system handles quickly.

Our first line of defense is diet.

No supplement or treatment will take the place of a healthy diet. Raise a child with a truly healthy diet and reap the benefits. Illnesses will be rare or non-existent. No midnight runs to the emergency room. No miserable children struggling to breathe through an asthma attack or croup.

A healthy diet consists of 80% raw produce–fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. All meat should be organic.

When we eat at the top of the food chain, we need to be aware of the animal’s diet. Conventionally raised beef, poultry, and pork have been fed antibiotics and GMO foods in addition to being fed an unnatural diet and being raised in diseased, overcrowded conditions.

Do not eat conventional dairy; it is tainted with antibiotics and growth hormones. We occasionally eat goat or sheep cheese. We drink and cook with almond and hemp milk.

At the first sign of infection, we use natural herbs, supplements, or foods to give the body what it needs to fight any pathogen. We support the immune system, helping it to do its job.

My home medicine cabinet includes the following items from the kitchen:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ginger

And the following tinctures, herbs, and supplements…

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