Mind – Body – Spirit – Soul to Heal?

Mind - Body - Spirit - Soul to Heal?

Mind – Body – Spirit – Soul to Heal?

Why does mainstream medicine try to avoid Mind, Spirit, and Soul to mend a sick or broken body?

Mainstream medicine avoids much beyond lip service to the effects Mind, Spirit & Soul have on healing, health, aging, and our inner peace.  Matter of fact, they pretty much ignore inner peace and how a patient feels about anything.

There are incredible benefits when you begin to look for what works in something and how you might use what works with other choices…

Why try to figure out what won’t work so you don’t have to test it and see if it works or not?

Who knows what you don’t find when you don’t look?


Mind/Body Spirit Synergy for Healing

“I have been on a quest to find a way to confirm my knowing and explain the reality of the Mind/Body Spirit synergy. I have been reading, searching the web, and, of course, participating in intense dinner party discussions with family and friends as I search for the ultimate truth.”

“The Peoples of the East, the Orient, China/Japan/India have always embraced a Mind/Body/Spirit belief. Over the years, I’ve explored Energetics, which study the human aura, chakras and the impact and use of known and unknown life energy meridians in the body to promote health.”

“There is great knowledge and healing power in these modalities and my understanding is superficial. I truly appreciate Western healers who are bringing this knowledge into their practice. The Creator has given all peoples and cultures pieces of the Truth in the hope we will learn to cooperate and live together.”

“These Energetic approaches are highly related to concepts found in biologic dentistry, iridology (the study of the eye’s iris to identify body dysfunction), and reflexology (manipulating energy points on the hands and feet to encourage healing of body organs.) It has been of great benefit to me to experience Reiki healing, acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology.”

“Recently, I’ve investigated the theory underlying German New Medicine (GNM), proposed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, which understands the body as a unified organism. In GNM the psyche (Spirit/Mind) is the integrator of behavior (our perception, understanding and actions) with life experience.”

“In GNM all areas of conflict are conflicted thought patterns, which are emotional shocks where the person perceives Life as being threatened…”

  Crescence Allen, Ph.D. has her degree in Psychology from California Southern University. She is a certified hypno-therapist.

Follow the link to read the whole article.


I added Soul to the list because it may not be the same as spirit.

Dr. “Cres” Allen tells a bit of her explorations and will introduce you to a number of explorers who perceive you and I as more than a piece of meat prepackaged and programmed before birth to disintegrate without interference from any nasty considerations that are not physical.

Take a look.  Enjoy.

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