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My Physical Health Home Tests & Help... Your 1st Test - Stand on 1 Leg?

My Physical Health-Home Tests & Help

This 1 Legged Balance Test is the 1st of several easy home tests you can use to discover how to improve your health to live longer and healthier.

Your health is supported from the inside out… And from the outside in… And other?

Your diet, toxins, hydration, oxygenation and other factors are affecting your health.

Exercise, massage, acupuncture, and other physical interventions can contribute to your health as well.

There is another area that’s hard to quantify that includes your emotions, stress, support networks of those who care for you, memories, and such things as EMF, time zone changes, lack of individual freedom, and much more that impact you as well.

If you explore these easy to do home tests (for most people – some people may not be physically able to do these tests) and then you look for and do what you can to improve your performance on these tests, you have created a feedback loop which you can use to improve your health dramatically and faster than any other method that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Remember we provide information for you to start investigating. You know your current physical condition, we don’t. The presenters and presentations we refer you to have no idea about your unique situation.

We provide a starting point to begin a discovery of what is right for you. Help from your healing professionals who actually know you and have examined you can provide guidance we can’t give.

My Physical Health Home Tests & Help

My Physical Health Home Tests & Help… Your 1st Test – Stand on 1 Leg? Flickr: Tony Hisgett-Demoiselle Cranes

Your Ability To Balance On One Leg Reflects Your Brain Health

Balancing on one leg may indicate if a person is at risk of dementia or stroke, a study has found.

Those who struggle to balance on one leg for 20 seconds or longer, are at increased risk for small blood vessel damage in the brain and reduced cognitive function in otherwise healthy people with no clinical symptoms, according to new research in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke…

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We view these tests as great opportunities to use feedback loops to increase health.

Go to the site to see an example of how you might choose to stand on 1 leg. It’s not the only way. Different ways work better for different people. Experiment.

“What’s measured improves” ― Peter F. Drucker

Think about this. Your results on this test tell you a great deal about your health. If you can improve your results your can improve your health.

You are provided an easy to use test that provides a tool you can use to measure your performance and improvement. Drucker’s quote has been shown to apply to almost everything. 

Dr. Al Sears provides a program called PACE that is excellent tool to improve cardiovascular fitness.

Dr. Sircus points out that almost everyone is seriously deficient in magnesium and how to increase our levels which supports the health of our cardiovascular system. He provides excellent guidance in a range of areas which we’ll explore later.

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