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My Physical Health Home Tests & Help... Your 1st Test - Stand on 1 Leg?

My Physical Health Home Tests & Help Article #3
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This simple test provides you an exercise you can do to improve your health while testing yourself, which creates a Feedback Loop… What does that mean?

“What’s measured improves” ― Peter F. Drucker…

After we get through the tests, we’ll share some info on a list of things you can do to help your health from where you are.

It’s important to have a practical and easy way to test to make certain it’s used.

I’ve seen recommendations for blood tests and other tests that are expensive and time consuming. Even if you can afford them, having simple testing you can do anytime with little to no cost, they are great tools to use on a daily or weekly basis to help you make progress.

Sometimes it is best to test yourself weekly and not daily because of fluctuations that have little or nothing to do with your progress.

What do I recommend? I don’t know. Share your feedback and these tests/exercises.

The promoters of these tests have forgotten to tell you they are exercises. You may need to do other exercises too; but, these are exercises and you should do them.

Share This Test and Your Feedback

Tutorial on how to perform the Chair Stand Test with older clients/patients. I use it in Always Active, our community-based falls prevention research project. Easy to implement & provides lots of good information on movement quality and functional limitations. YouTube Link: >>

The video on the next page shows you a different test that you can use to improve your health. I explain my mistake so you don’t have to…

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