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I’ll tell you how I did this wrong so you don’t make the same mistake. You have to find your own mistakes. You can’t have mine.

I read about this one after doing the “Count how many times you can sit down then stand up and repeat in 30 seconds with your hands on your shoulders.”

You start with 10 points. I thought that meant we did the exercise 10 times. It is ONE exercise with 10 points.

If you were to do the exercise multiple times, that’s beneficial; but, it’s not part of the test.

You can read the instructions below and watch the video for best clarity. It’s OK to practice once or twice.

The presenter is promoting getting personal fitness instruction and that’s great. You can do a lot by doing some research on your own. If you can afford it, personalized instruction by someone focused on getting better results from this exercise is probably worthwhile.

Sitting and Rising Test (SRT)

Step one, without leaning or holding onto anything, lower yourself into a sitting position with your legs crossed on the floor.

Step two, stand back up, but try to do it without using anything other than your legs. That means you shouldn’t be pushing off with your hands, don’t brace with your knees, avoid using your forearms or the sides of your legs.

Everybody starts with 10 points. You subtract a single point each time you do any of the following things, in either step. Minus one point if you have to use your hand, forearm, knee, side of the leg or you put your hand on your knee or thigh in step one. Then minus another point if you have to do any of those things again in step two. Take away half a point if you lose your balance…

At YouTube, you’ll find more information under the video… Click on More then “Show More”

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