Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation

Nocebo Effect… Dr. Ben Goldacre 5 Minute Presentation

Dr. Ben Goldacre is a Fast Talking Medical Doctor from Britain with a wild sense of humor and  a vocabulary that includes profanity.  If you’re easily offended, enjoy the guilty pleasure.  He provides a very entertaining presentation.

 We will explore Placebo and Nocebo Effect extensively because they are wonderful demonstrations of the power of your mind.

Mainstream medical, fat pharma, political hacks, bureaucrats, and doctors who declare all people are just meat, ignore what is arguably the biggest proven healing force and force for ill health on the planet.

If you are not exploring how to use positive energies to enhance your health, healing, and youthfulness, you are ignoring the most powerful and cheapest healing tool on the planet.

If you’re not exploring how to defend yourself from negative energies and the negative stress created, you are ignoring the biggest source of ill health, premature aging, and premature death outside of the death and ill health caused by wars, fat pharma, mainstream medicine, and political power.

Once you learn any of the energetic healing technologies available, however they may work, you have it with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, forever without ever paying for it again and you can use it for yourself of others in any situation to enhance healing or defend against nocebo.

To find out more about the different technologies available, search the resources category on this site and/or look into some of these: The Healing Codes, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, the Emotion Code, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics…

And in my personal investigations, I found over 100 different programs.  You can find many of them at

Take advantage of the power you have within you to heal yourself and others.

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