Open Source Decentralized Food for Freedom

Open Source Decentralized Food for Freedom?

Historically 1 of the favorite stunts of the political elite is to starve classes of people to death.

Some people live in countries where they remember other citizens murdered by their governments. But they’ve been lead to believe that was in the past and the politically powerful won’t do it anymore.

Over a period of 87 years, Professor R.J. Rummell of the University of Hawaii was able to document 189,000,000 people killed by their governments who claim to own them.

Wars only kill about one third that number… So governments kill about 2 of their own citizens per minute and 1 per minute of those in other countries.

A decentralized program that provides healthy food is a threat to tyranny everywhere and a promise of things to come for Individual Freedom and all of the blessings that appear when governments are shrinking.

In 2015, a program is being launched to help people feed themselves and get high levels of nutrition affordably.

This will lower profits to factory farm monopoly producers who are protected and promoted by the political elite who like to kill people for fun, profit and power.

The less money politicians control and the fewer monopolies they protect and feed, the more abundance and freedom we have and control. Governments are NOT ever the people.

Open Source Decentralized Food for Freedom?

Open Source Decentralized Food for Freedom?
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Health Ranger reveals the open source revolution in decentralized food production:

Food Rising Teaser

“In early 2015, we will announce a series of groundbreaking ‘low-tech’ inventions for humanity. This non-profit humanitarian effort will empower citizens across the world…”

(NaturalNews) Thank you for your patience in awaiting this announcement. Details are available now at www.FoodRising.orgYou can visit the website now and see the 3-minute teaser video that shares more details about the revolutionary low-tech innovations we’ll be releasing open…

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