Oral Chelation, Dr. Ward Dean, M.D.

Oral Chelation, Dr. Ward Dean, M.D.

Ward Dean became a doctor specifically to study and do something about the diseases of aging.

He found intravenous chelation to be a highly effective protocol to improve cardiovascular health and created an oral chelation formula for those who could not find or afford a chelation clinic.

Intravenous chelation (when I had intravenous chelation, it was less than $100 per treatment and recommended protocol was to have 20 to 30 treatments over 10 to 30 weeks.)

Oral chelation is about $70 per month, currently.

Chelation is way cheaper than cardiovascular procedures the insurance companies will pay for. Generally insurance doesn’t pay for chelation; unless it is for lead poisoning or other heavy metal poisons where chelation has proven highly effective.

Chelation has also proven highly effective for cardiovascular disease; but, mainstream medical is not willing to give up it’s cash cows.

Dennis Grover interviews Dr. Dean, 6 years after mainstream told Dennis he would be dead within the year if he didn’t have heart bypass surgery… The VA was willing to pay $125,000 to have heart bypass (a bit overpriced – but, it’s your money, so who cares?) but were not willing to pay $6,000 for a year of Chelation Therapy.

It's You Life, Your Health - Dr. Ward DeanIt’s You Life, Your Health – Dr. Ward Dean
Dr. Ward Dean, head of medical research for Vitamin Research Products share his knowledge on maintaining your health by giving your body the nutrients it req…


P.S. This video was created 7 or more years ago.  The information is still valid.

Dr. Dean has a clinic in Pensacola, Flor. You can find out more at his website:

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