My 1st Out of Body Experience Was an Accident…

 My 1st Out of Body Experience Was an Accident…

When I was about 15, I read the “Search for Bridey Murphy,” which was about reincarnation and hypnosis.

It got me interested in hypnosis and I started reading about self-hypnosis.

One night while lying in bed and doing self-hypnosis exercises, I became of aware of consciousness drifting across the room. It wasn’t what I was attempting to do.

It’s a fascinating experience and raises all kinds of questions about who and what we are, religions, and what it might be useful for.

You may enjoy this infographic that provides some insights on Out of Body Experiences and How to Have Your own.  Start here and do some research to go further. More info below.


How to have Out of Body Experience


One of the great resources for Out of Body Experiences is the Monroe Institute and the books by Robert Monroe.

“The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations.”
— Robert Monroe

The Monroe Institute trains people to have out of body experiences and their campus is a beautiful and isolated forest environment. 

Cast off a few limitations to explore this arena for yourself.

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