Permaculture Triumphs Over GMOs?

Permaculture Triumphs Over GMOs?

Their arrogance blinds them to the value of other people.

I have posted before that just using current methods of farming without GMO and other stupid methods, we have the ability to feed 12 Billion People. As new and better farming methods are discovered or revived, our abilities to provide healthy food will leap.

Most people are unaware that as societies increase their standard of living, the number of children they have decrease.

Large families provide security for the parents. If a large family isn’t needed to provide security, most parents reduce the number of children they have.

We have the ability to increase how many people can be fed and the population is likely to decrease if we can protect each other from the lunatics who think they own us and want to thin the herd.

Which is a perfect lead in to Monsanto’s schemes to control all food on the planet.

Monsanto CEO claims GMOs are the only way to feed the world – Ever heard of permaculture?

NaturalNews) If Monsanto was a person, it would be a certifiable sociopath — obsessed with itself, unaware of everyone and everything around it, and utterly delusional when it comes to facts and reality.

And this seems to describe Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant to a T, as he recently told the U.K. paper The Independent that genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are the only way to feed the world, apparently oblivious to permaculture growing methods that have been feeding people naturaly for millennia.

During a recent interview, Grant tried to defend his company’s hijacking of nature, claiming that GMOs are the key to sustaining life on planet earth. Blaming “hubris” for his company’s atrocious reputation throughout the world, Grant maintains that Monsanto is merely a victim of anti-corporate sentiment and grand misunderstandings about what it’s actually doing — GMOs are wonderful, no matter what anyone says, according to Grant.

Poor old Monsanto, always being bullied by all those meanies out there who just don’t understand “science.” You would think that Monsanto was the skinny kid on the playground who always gets his lunch money stolen by the class bully, based on its CEO’s delusions about why the company wasn’t just given the keys to the kingdom right off the bat when it came to gaining the obscene level of control over agriculture that it holds today.

In the U.S., where the population at large doesn’t really seem to care who or what controls the food system, Monsanto quite easily steamrolled over the old system in a matter of just a few years. Today, it maintains near-total control over all the major commodity crops — corn, soy, canola (rapeseed), sugar beets, and cotton. But throughout the rest of the world, it’s a much different story.

Crop diversity and organic growing methods are the best ways to sustainably maintain high yields

Part of the reason why Monsanto hasn’t yet gained complete control over the entire global agricultural system…

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Permaculture Triumphs Over GMOs?

Permaculture Triumphs Over GMOs?