Placebo for Pets?

Placebo for Pets?

Placebo for Pets?

Placebo for Pets? Real or Not?:

  1. We have an ability to influence the ability of people AND pets to heal…
  2. Many energy techniques assume that if they can have a positive effect on an animal, it proves their technology is not just placebo effect… They ignore our ability to boost our pet’s response to love & support for their healing…

There are many people who deny the placebo effect for dogs and cats…

But, when they test placebo, most experiments only test one part… And the experimenters do their best to keep beliefs and feelings out of the experiments…

They ignore the feelings that we pass to our pets as we provide them treatment to help them heal or recover from any challenge.

Most energy healing techniques work exceedingly well on animals.  It’s been my experience that pets respond to different alternative healing technologies faster and better than on most people…

Pets aren’t skeptics… They don’t fight a healing technique because they don’t understand it.

Our pets respond to us. Therefore let’s take the time to provide enthusiastic and loving support when helping our pets heal or recover.

It would be silly to have no faith in our love and our pet’s love for us.

Petting our dog or cat has a physiological affect on us. It has an affect on them too. A better physiological state improves our ability to heal.

Remember and use, Placebo for Pets.

A doctor who told you enthusiastically that a placebo is going to cure your disease and make miraculously would be open to lawsuits; even though he is using one of the oldest and most methods on the planet.

Supporting the placebo affect also meets the criteria of their oath: “First, Do No Harm!”

Even if you’re a doctor, your pet will not sue you. Whatever you are doing for your pet, tell your pet with as much love, happiness, or inner peace that the treatment is going to help them heal their challenge no matter what it may be.

Such a step can only help.

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P.S. – Please remember that that mainstream medical has been kidnapped by profiteers who care only for money.
Doctors, vets, nurses, and the entire mainstream profession is taught that drugs, surgeries, and radiation are “The Light, The Truth, & The Way”.
You owe it to yourself and those you love to always seek and investigate alternatives to the mainstream highways of medical treatment which routinely create harmful side effects and kill. Properly prescribed and taken pharmaceuticals kill over 100,000 people per year.
No one has done a study on how many pets mainstream veterinary care sickens and kills.
When you search, add the terms “Alternative”, “Natural”, or seek and bookmark a list of resources you trust.
None will be perfect. We’re still learning and different people discover different things. Experts are trying to learn about everything.

Placebo for Pets

When we have a challenge, we have a luxury that experts don’t. We can focus on finding all of the best solutions for our problem. The experts don’t have the time to spend a day or more researching 1 condition for every patient.
Consider the question: “Can you outperform a doctor who is relying on memory and a quick search of databases largely controlled by mainstream medical (or mainstream veterinary)… When you can take a day or more to search for the many alternatives, side effects, and side effect free choices that are available?”
Most of the time you can do a better job of research than your doctor or vet.
You can ask their opinion and provide sources; but, keep in mind experts do not like to be shown up or questioned by others.
You then have a choice; “If you do not have the ability to decide for yourself which choices make the most sense for you; where do you get the ability to decide which expert can make that decision for you?”
In case you’ve forgotten, experts do not agree with each other… And expert consensus beliefs almost always change over time.
Photo Credit: Flickr: jeffreyw-Pals