Radiation, Poisons, Toxins & Solutions?

…spiked way beyond safe levels. Radiation causes long term catastrophe. It might appear there’s no problem; because, there appear to be no immediate consequences.

The government and mainstream media pooh pooh the problems. Yet the problems exist anyway.

Our politicians are guilty of creating the problems with the decaying nuclear power plants around the globe that put fortunes into the pockets of the few by picking the pockets and risking the lives of the many.

It is up to us to protect ourselves and our families while continuing to explore the solutions to the problems created by the arrogant, corrupt, central planning lunatics we call government.

Here’s your introduction to 1 source of solutions to many of today’s problems, Dr. Mark Sircus. I’ve been reading his books, which I highly recommend; but, the best place to get started is with videos that provide explanations. You can dig deeper after you know he’s a resource who is worthy of your time.

Oxygen, Baking Soda, and Magnesium Cure with Dr. Mark SircusOxygen, Baking Soda, and Magnesium Cure with Dr. Mark Sircus
Dr. Sircus joins Bob Tuskin to discuss a major breakthrough with his Natural Allopathic Medicine Protocol. Oxygen therapy provides the body with what it needs to take on all ailments. They…


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