Radiation Therapy? Cure? Poison?

Radiation Therapy? Cure? Poison?

Radiation Therapy? Cure? Poison?

To me, cure means you get well. To dark pharma, cure means you’re not dead yet… I prefer my definition. How about you?

Words trip us up; because, they are not the thing. Quantity, frequency, or speed can radically change the meaning. 1 word can have multiple meanings and contexts.

So why call it poison?

Because radiation used for healing is not like radiation from the sun. It is ionizing radiation. It kills.

Part of the problem with chemo and radiation is that cures are defined as 5 yr survival rates, no matter how sick you are the entire time, as living 1 day past 5 years.


Radiation Therapy? Cure? Poison?

Radiation Therapy? Cure? Poison? Flickr: Dina-Roberts Wakulczyk-Varian radiation therapy machine

Why Radiation Therapy Is Like Hitting Yourself In The Head With A Hammer To Heal A Headache

Only in the world of medical treatment do we find concepts such as poison heals cancer and radiation cures it.

Any doctor with a reasonable understanding of cellular pathology will agree that not only does ionizing radiation cause secondary cancers, but the disease promoting effects can be absolutely devastating in the long-term well after treatment.

In fact, more patients are dying of radiation-induced secondary cancers, which oncologists are often misdiagnosing as the primary cancer spreading.

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