Raw Egg Claims Vs My Cooked Eggs!

Raw Egg Claims Vs My Cooked Eggs!

 As a general rule, those who have taken their path away from daily norms know a Hell of a lot more on their topic than the rest of us. It doesn’t mean they’re right; but, generally there has been a lot thought that goes into their decision.

You and I and everyone who are doing what most everyone else is doing; generally haven’t explored and don’t know a lot about eating raw foods.

So it was amusing listening to the uninformed arguing with the informed.

This article points out that high nutrient value of raw eggs is 19% to 36% higher in bioavailable nutrient content over cooked eggs.


Therefore, I intend to eat 1 more cooked egg per day.

Eggs are one of my favorite foods and even though I may miss some of the nutrient value of cooking them, eating scrambled eggs, omelettes, hard boiled eggs, etc… Eating an egg is a different experience from drinking one.

I prefer enjoying Eating my eggs; but, I will learn and adjust my behavior by adding 1 more cooked egg per day. Or maybe I can eat some and drink some??? Worth exploring.

By the way I prefer organic eggs from free range chickens. There is a lot of lying on the cartons. I believe I read on Dr. Mercola’s site that eggs with high Omega 3 Counts were a good choice, organic or not.

We’ll have a link below that shows the factory food corporation practices that I would prefer become a part of ancient history. There are good ways to do everything.

Read on. This post has good info about eggs and punctures a lot of egg mythology that has been generally accepted and has been thoroughly researched and debunked; but, it can take centuries for good information to replace bad.

Explore and Unlearn the Egg Myths:

Cooked Eggs Deplete Nutrients and Deactivate Proteins – There’s Only One Way To Benefit From Eggs

For years, this misunderstood food — low in calories, containing every single vitamin (A, B, D, E, K) except C, and nearly perfect in protein — was once shunned for threats to cholesterol intake. Eggs are also a great source of choline, selenium, omega-3 and even iodine. But if you want to optimize those nutrients, you must eat eggs raw.

Raw eggs are an inexpensive and amazing source of high-quality nutrients that many people are deficient in, especially high-quality protein and fat. They’re even linked to longevity.

Like most foods, eggs undergo some loss of nutrients when they are cooked. This nutrient loss occurs regardless of whether the egg is removed from the shell (for example, during poaching) or left inside the shell during cooking (for example, during soft or hard boiling). If you compare the nutrient value of one large raw egg to one large hard-boiled egg in the latest version of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s nutritional database, you will find the following potential advantages to be offered by a raw egg:

  • 36% more vitamin D
  • 33% more omega-3s
  • 33% more DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • 30% more lutein + zeaxanthin
  • 23% more choline
  • 20% more biotin
  • 19% more zinc

For many nutrients, loss during cooking makes a practical difference. In the case of choline, for example, a woman would get nearly 35% of her Adequate Intake (AI) level from a single raw egg, as compared with about 26% from a hard-boiled egg. While this required B-vitamin is found in smaller amounts in a variety of foods, the average U.S. intake for choline is only 302 milligrams per day, making it important for U.S. adults to maximize their dietary intake whenever possible.

Old Egg Myths Die Hard

Our society’s bias against saturated fat and cholesterol has become so strong that we often forget that in nature those are the exact foods where the most nutrients are found. Egg yolks are no different.

Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton has challenged studies vilifying egg yolksas a contributor to coronary artery disease.

It was previously thought that eggs raised blood cholesterol levels or increased LDL cholesterol. The yolk in a single large egg contains five grams of fat, so many nutritionists assumed that eggs clogged up people’s arteries, especially since they also contain dietary cholesterol.

Another myth…

Read On & Help Trounce Egg Mythology: >>

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Raw Egg Claims Vs My Cooked Eggs!
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