Restorative Justice… When Justice Heals?

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice… When Justice Heals?

If you’ve never had to deal with the court system in the US, you may not be aware:

  • It’s unaffordable…
  • You are liable to laws you couldn’t read by the time they had changed…
  • The laws are subject to interpretation… They may not mean what they say to a judge…
  • You can go to jail for a law no attorney, judge, or – congressman who passed the law – can explain…
  • The congressmen don’t read the laws they pass; except to make certain that they are exempt…
  • Court is a win lose system, not unlike the battles between knights of old… Someone will win and someone will lose… No one ever pretends to seek justice… Just a decision…
  • The legal system will make make good situations bad, bad situations worse, and some situations impossible…
  • As a general rule, it is one of the few opportunities where everyone loses…
  • Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent [Harvey Silverglate, Alan M. Dershowitz] shows how each of us, including you, violate and commit 3 felonies a day on average…

Below this graphic is an excerpt from people seeking a path that furthers Restorative Justice and bypasses the problems of attempting to use broken legal and court systems.

If the creation of Justice should be healing; then, we definitely have a big problem with our current system.

This is an area that is definitely worth researching for yourself, thinking about and doing something about.

Restorative Justice

Source: Sonoma County Gazette: Community News Magazine, Written by Readers

 “By Magick Altman

“Over 100 people attended the Andy Lopez listening circle hosted by the Task Force and Shirlee Zane in the aftermath of Jill Ravitch’s decision not to prosecute Sheriff Gelhaus.

“I left feeling that we were moving as a community towards the truth and justice we all seek. We all listened and we were all heard. Many told personal stories of abuse because it is so rare in our society that people are heard and acknowledged in these matters.

“This kind of circle is one aspect of Restorative Justice that is taking hold in the hearts of many as a first step towards a solution that brings back our humanity.

“Restorative Justice is rooted in the practices of indigenous societies, which saw individual actions that harm, hurt and kill as a disease of the culture. They did not perceive of the world as being made up of good guys and bad guys. They recognized misbehaviors as either the symptom of a disease or rooted in ignorance. They took on the responsibility to teach and heal the individuals who were reflecting the failures of the culture.

“Experience has taught us that victims are not healed through revenge, and that people are not rehabilitated through the cruelty of prisons. We are healed when we feel seen, understood and offered whatever rehabilitation is needed to become a contributing member of our community.’

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