Save A Child: Vaccine Lies Exposed By Dr Robert Rowen

Save A Child From Vaccine Lies!

Save A Child: Vaccine Lies Exposed By Dr Robert Rowen

The unfortunate truth is vaccines are promoted by lies. Any good drug would be welcome. Bad vaccines plus lies are not.

I sometimes have to stop and remember that “good drug” is not an oxymoron. I forget because the drug companies quest for profits have totally eclipsed any love for mankind. It’s difficult to remember that mixed in with all that greed are a few unique and worthy products.

Any drug with actual value is a black sheep in the drug lord families of harmful and useless drugs.

Today’s battle is not between “Vaccination Is Wonderful” and “Anti-Science.” The battle is between lies masquerading as science and the actual research available.

The battle is between corporations who will do anything for a profit and those willing to expose them.

The battle is between those who are willing to sacrifice the lives and health of other people’s children because of fat pharma’s fear frenzy campaigns…

And those of us willing to question, explore, decide for ourselves and share what we discover with others in order to protect the light of freedom and shine it into the dark hearts of monopolies and tyrants.

The dark drug lords know if people are afraid, they can be stampeded into helping evil prevail…

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