Save A Child: Vaccine Lies Exposed By Dr Robert Rowen

Save A Child From Vaccine Lies!

They have billions of dollars of financial clout to threaten mainstream media, hire PR firms, and pay for political pull.

We have enough love for children that we actually take the time to review the evidence to decide for ourselves.

We have enough humility to decide that other people can live their lives better than we can.

We respect their freedom and are not arrogant enough to think we should assume they are stupid while we are brilliant. We don’t think we should run their lives, risk their health and make decisions for all of their family members without knowing anything about them…

And yes even if we knew some statistics about them, we recognize we are not God and are not crazy enough to try to act like we are.

Please explore for yourself, refuse to close your eyes and allow the censors to win. Please share.

(See our link at the bottom of the page about how articles by Robert Kennedy, Jr and others are being removed by their publishers in response to pressure to deny a voice to the underfunded opposition of poorly performing dangerous drugs.)

Dr. Robert Rowen reveals the raw truth about vaccines at the Vaccine World Summit


Vaccine “science” as it’s most typically presented to the public is a hollow house of cards propped up only by deception and lies. Ask any doctor out there to show you even just one all-cause morbidity and mortality study proving the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and you’ll never get to see it, because such a study is nonexistent.

Johns Hopkins University graduate Dr. Robert Rowen has been investigating the claims surrounding the “safety and effectiveness” of vaccines for many years, and his undeniable conclusion is that vaccines don’t work and they aren’t safe. The measures by which the modern medical profession claims that vaccines are safe and effective don’t hold water, he maintains, and are easily disproven.

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Vaccines provide only temporary immunity at best, and come with a high risk of permanent health damage

A widespread misconception holds that vaccines are the only way to attain immunity and avoid infectious disease. But quite the contrary is actually true…

Chronic disease has skyrocketed among children alongside massive additions to vaccine schedule

Dr. Rowen cites a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association…

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Follow this link to explore how the Drug Lords do their best to censor their critics.

Why Vaccine Pushers Try To Muzzle Their Opposition?

Save A Child From Vaccine Lies!

Save A Child From Vaccine Lies!
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