Senator Paul & Governor Christie Open Vaccine Discussion

Senator Paul & Governor Christie Open Vaccine Discussion

Our hope for the future arises from the ability that small groups will have to create and provide their own news channels and do to mainstream television monopolies what has happened to the newspaper cartels.

As more and more people turn from poorly hidden agendas, they halt the big lies of mainstream who insist that what they say is what people think. We are told to believe them because they’re big and powerful.

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Thank You Senator Rand Paul and Governor Chris Christie

By Kent Heckenlively

Dear Senator Paul and Governor Christie:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the first step in starting a long overdue conversation about vaccines and the epidemic of chronic diseases in our children INCLUDING autism.

I salute your bravery in speaking about what you have heard from your fellow citizens as leaders in a democracy are supposed to do.

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Read More about the CDC & VEARS revelations on the death and damage for dollars done by vaccines to purportedly protect against measles that have killed no one in 10 years.

Measles Vaccines Kill 108 Measles 0 So Push Vaccines?

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