Sickening Sweetener Chemicals Cause Fat & Diabetes #1-4

Sickening Sweetener Chemicals Cause Fat & Diabetes?

Aspartame Detox Program

This next article provides good information on chemical sweetener choices by Janet Starr Hull who created an Aspartame Detox Program.

She provides a list of side effects. You may have one or more of these with no clue where they’re coming from.

And she provides information on your future that may incline you to examine your choices and test them to see if you like some of your choices as well as better than adding a chemical like Aspartame with all of their immediate and long term side effects to your daily routine.

How Artificial Sweeteners Create Fat Diabetics?

Why Do Aspartame Detox?
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Here’s a teaser of some of the information on the Source Page. They provide links to answer questions that you will probably have after reading the article:

Sucralose Breaks Down

Despite the manufacturer’s mis-statements, sucralose does break down into small amounts of 1,6-dichlorofructose, a chemical which has not been adequtely tested in humans. More importantly, sucralose must break down in the digestive system. If it didn’t break down and react at all (as the manufacturer claims), it would not chemically-react on the tongue to provide a sweet taste. The truth is that sucralose does break down to some extent in the digestive system.

Independent, Long-Term Human Research

None. Manufacturer’s “100’s of studies” (some of which show hazards) were clearly inadequate and do not demonstrate safety in long-term use.

Chlorinated Pesticides

The manufacturer claims that the chlorine added to sucralose is similar to the chlorine atom in the salt (NaCl) molecule. That is not the case. Sucralose may be more like ingesting tiny amounts of chlorinated pesticides, but we will never know without long-term, independent human research.


While it is unlikely that sucralose is as toxic as the poisoning people are experiencing from Monsanato’s aspartame, it is clear from the hazards seen in pre-approval research and from its chemical structure that years or decades of use may contribute to serious chronic immunological or neurological disorders.

It is very important that people who have any interest in their health to stay away from the highly toxic sweetener aspartame and other questionable sweeteners such as sucralose (Splenda), and acesulfame-k (Sunette, Sweet & Safe, Sweet One).

Please see the extensive resources for sweeteners on the Healthier Sweetener Resource List…

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