Simple Healing DIY Solutions?

Simple Healing DIY Solutions?

Simple Healing DIY Solutions?

Modern medicine has become a curse.

For car wrecks and battlefields, it is incredibly effective…

For health & healing, it sucks.

Mainstream medicine is overpriced, side effect laden, uncaring, ineffective, monopolistic, politically promoted, politically protected, and cash register driven to the point of destroying competition no matter how much good alternatives do.

There is a fake battle between ZeroCare and Private Insurance Providers.

Both are there to take money from you and I, while limiting our choices, and shoveling our money and our health as a sacrifice to Fat Pharma, placebo-effect witch-doctor surgeries,  and the stupidest of all; cancer causing radiation to search for and then attack every cell to kill the few cancer cells while ploughing the field to grow more cancer cells and collect more money.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by making choices for health and to be responsible for early intelligent, inexpensive, side-effect free, responses to any health challenge.

Reserve mainstream and hospitals for battlefield emergency situations.

In different ages, healing clays have exceeded their weight in gold. If you’re ailing, that makes perfect sense.

The price of the “sacred” clays has been brought down through modern technology and transportation. The value has increased as more and more people discover and share what they have learned. 

 Flickr Foto: JD Hancock  "Panning Out"... photo is a bokeh experiment...  look closely to see the bokeh is in the shape of stylized dollar signs

Flickr Foto: JD Hancock
“Panning Out”… photo is a bokeh experiment… look closely to see the bokeh is in the shape of stylized dollar signs

The following article is about bentonite clay.  Different clays have different uses based on their unique properties. Different countries have different clays immediately available or buy from all over the world. A little can do a lot for you.

Clay: The Healing Underground

by Julie Crist, M. Ac.

Reprinted from the February 2005 Idaho Observer

Jesus healed the blind with it. Dams are patched with it. The Native Americans used it for money. The Russians capped Chernobyl with it after the nuclear plant melted down. NASA feeds it to astronauts to prevent osteoporosis.

In a culture that worships high-tech, “scientific” medicine, let me make the following sacrilegious statement:

Clay is the most versatile, profoundly effective, cheap, mysterious, underrated, covered-up health treatment available…

Read the rest of the article to share the discoveries made by people just like you on the many uses, benefits and how to’s of using this wonderful DIY solution to much of what plagues modern life.

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