Sleep Deprived Test – Who Are You Kidding?

Sleep Deprived Test - Who Are You Kidding?

In a recent post, we shared that 107,000,000 drivers nodded off while at the wheel according to extrapolations of the occurrences reported on a survey by the National Sleep Foundation. 

I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel myself, more than once. I wonder if the reason that those of us who make it through alive is caused by a feel jolt of fear as part of our minds realize that the car is drifting.

Those who are not so blessed with a splash of adrenaline or do the wrong thing as they awake are statistics and may have created other statistics at the same time.

If you recognize any of the symptoms, change your mind, and see the link at the bottom of the page to 1 Simple Sleeping Tip. Can’t hurt. Might help.

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Nine signs of sleep deprivation – Do you get enough sleep?

(NaturalNews) No one can squeeze more hours into a day, but we certainty try. Unfortunately, too many of us extend the hours of our day by cutting back on sleep. Here are the warning signs that you are overdoing it and probably have been for some time.

You Need an Alarm Clock to Wake Up

If you can’t wake up on time without electronic help, this is a sign that you’re sleep deprived. If you’re jolted out of a deep sleep every workday or feel the need to repeatedly hit the snooze button, you’re not getting enough sleep. Do you sleep late on weekends when you went to bed at your usual time? Make-up sleep is a sure sign of sleep deprivation.

Impaired Decision Making

Chronic sleep deprivation impairs our ability to make minor decisions. The decisions could be as inconsequential as where to sit in a movie theater, what movie to see, or whether to take a window or an aisle seat on a flight.

An inability to make major decisions is just as common for sleep deprived individuals. This can manifest as a propensity to freeze or panic when faced with highly stressful situations.

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1 Simple Sleeping Tip…

Sleep Deprived Test – Who Are You Kidding?
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