Sleep Is Vital To Life So Drink This…

Sleep Is Vital To Life So Drink This

If you have depleted your system of necessary nutrients to support healthy, sound sleep… for most people it may take 120 days to restore nutritional balance to help you sleep. Some people get lucky and they only need a little help. They may get results the first night.

You can’t count on it and expecting that kind of response is counterproductive. Allow for the possibility.

Here’s a new addition to our bag of sleep tricks.

Dr. John Douillard addresses many of the “Oh No, I cant do that!” you may think about as he discusses how to make this drink and what ingredients to use. Be patient. He explains what and why very simply in his video.

And if you follow the link below this post to his article, he provides substitute ingredients you can choose to use as well.

Drink This and Sleep Like a Baby – It’s Delicious!

That hot cup of milk your grandmother gave you before bed may have been a powerful sleep medicine after all.

While a staggering 30% of Americans suffer from chronic insomnia, (1) few realize that chronic insomnia can increase the risk of most degenerative diseases. (2)

Experts link rising stress levels and elevated cortisol (a hormone released in response to stress) to the rapidly increasing number of cases of insomnia. The problem is compounded when the lack of sleep causes more stress, which again raises cortisol levels, which further disturbs sleep patterns.

Researchers have found that when bioactive peptides in milk are taken before bed, the improvements in sleep are remarkable: (3-5)

  • Promotes deeper sleep (3)
  • Supports more restorative sleep (3)
  • Induces relaxation at the level needed for sleep (4)
  • Supports anxiety that disturbs sleep (4)
  • Improves numerous stress markers (5)

Keep reading to learn how to get these benefits without the detriments of conventional milk – and learn a delicious Ayurvedic Super Sleep Recipe!

Ancient Remedy ~ Validated by Science

Grandma’s hot milk before bed was scientifically validated for the first time back in the 1930’s when milk and cornflakes were shown to deliver a better night’s sleep. In 1997, research done on newborns demonstrated that infants given milk had improved sleep beyond the benefits of nursing and being held.

The benefits of hot milk before bed was not only an Ayurvedic sleep remedy. In Europe, the benefits were widely known and well researched. Certain peptides, or proteins, in milk have been shown toactivate the brain’s GABA receptors. (4)

Drugs that activate GABA receptors are known as benzodiazepines and are widely used as sedatives for stress, anxiety, and sleep. (6)

In one study, 32 healthy men were given just 150 mg of these milk proteins, and in just two weeks their sleep quality improved by 50%. (7)

In another study, over 60 women who were complaining of a host of stress-related problems, such as digestion, cardiovascular, emotional, cognitive and social disorders, were given 150 mg of the milk proteins before bed. The benefits ranged from 50 to 60 percent improvement in all of the disorders listed. (8)…

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