Small-Scale Food Production Cannot Save The Planet? Why Not? What Can?

Small-scale food production cannot save the planet? Why Not? What Can?

Small-Scale Food Production Can Save Your Health & Your Family While Protecting You Against Food Shortages.; But, Not the Planet…

This wonderful technology cannot save the planet; because, those with political power use food to starve segments of the population they don’t like or are afraid of… to death.

It’s amazing how much healthy food you can grow in a small space, indoors or out (Further links on food follow this article)… But…

The ruling elites use food for their version of the Carrot on a Stick to reward loyal followers and punish dissent.

You may grow it; but, police states (Is there another kind?) claim control of everything you create, grow, or own. They’ll even provide you a trial to prove it.

Sometimes the problem is simple political stupidity. Bureaucrats crave control…

See Our 2 Great Quotes & 1 Definition to Understand Political Power…

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