Small-Scale Food Production Cannot Save The Planet? Why Not? What Can?

Small-scale food production cannot save the planet? Why Not? What Can?

Some bureaucrats don’t trust or understand free markets… Neither intelligence nor understanding is a job requirement.

Other bureaucrats do understand free markets and don’t want anyone to discover that bureaucrats, their political power, paychecks, prestige, and perks are both unnecessary and actually harmful.

Two quotes and 1 definition to keep in mind about why – Individual Freedom is the only tool we need to respect and protect – when thinking about how to make the world a better place;

“Government is a bunch of ordinary humans who have far, far too much power over others and have caused train wreck after train wreck for more than 2 centuries.”
– Richard Maybury


“Political Power corrupts both the morals and the judgement.” 
– Richard Maybury


“Stupid defined as not necessarily of low intelligence, but having an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.” – Doug Casey

Do what you can to grow some of your own food or support the rights of those who do; because, you can vastly improve the nutrition that your body receives while eliminating many toxins you must overcome at the same time.

The experience will also provide a better understanding of the lies and propaganda you are force fed daily about how GMO & government programs are the solutions to our problems. Read on…

Four reasons why small-scale food production will save the planet


It has been proclaimed that we are at the peak of food production, and with industrialization, chemicals, and genetically modified foods choking the nutritional efficacy of the food supply, it’s time to get back to a better model.

Something as humble as a back yard garden, or even a patio container garden, can help us get back not only a nutritious food supply, but also, to regain skills and interactions that are missing from our current lifestyle.

Fresher, cleaner, and more nutritious food

The introduction of large scale farming geared towards world production on the shoulders of a relatively small number of producers, was a recipe for a degraded and highly travelled food supply.

This movement virtually guaranteed that food quality would become compromised, and the people of this planet would suffer as a result.

However, if we get back to our roots and begin supporting smaller scale farmers or produce even a small percentage of our own food supply, we can start to alleviate the negative impact industrialized farming has created for our health.

A planet with fewer chemicals, pollution, “strip mining”, and genetic alterations will undoubtedly make a positive impact for people, and this can be achieved through small scale food production that focuses more on local, cleaner and nutritious foods provided by proper soil stewardship.

Develops survival skills

Mention survival skills to most people today and their first thought is making it through the day without coffee and being forced to cook one meal a day on their own. Unfortunately, we have lost the skill set that would afford us the ability to adapt to any disruptions in our cozy little world, and this leaves us in a very precarious situation…

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Once you start exploring, you’ll be surprised how much can be grown indoors or outdoors in how small of a space. You’ll save money and improve your health.

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Small-scale food production cannot save the planet? Why Not? What Can?

Small-scale food production cannot save the planet? Why Not? What Can?
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