Smoking Thermogenesis And Weight Loss

Excessive smoking, like I did, is very bad for you. According to Dr. William Campbell Douglas, smoking in moderation, like many things, is neutral to beneficial.

Everything is dose dependent.

Dr. William Campbell Douglas defines moderate smoking as up to 3 cigars a day.

Cigarettes are another story; because, the tobacco industry dumps so many chemicals onto the plants while they’re growing. Then more are added to keep cigarettes burning, in case you don’t smoke fast enough.

This contributes to fires but also to profits; so, it was an easy choice for a huge corporation.

One of the challenges of moderation is separating reality from hype and the zero tolerance reminiscent of cults.

Cigarettes cause thermogenesis. This is the name for your body’s fat burning process.

Cigarettes also cause the release of … which allows you to tune out distractions and focus.

The hazards of smoking can be countered with nutrition that does not counteract the benefits.

The hazard to others can be countered with either of 2 different air purifiers, HEPA which also removes pollen, bacteria, and most viruses , electronic particle precipitator or stepping outside.

Why do people often put on weight after they quit smoking?

(NaturalNews) Most smokers eat junk food nearly every day of their smoking lives, because they know that the cigarettes are already destroying most of their “healthy living,” so why bother to eat right, right? There are 45 million smokers in the United States, and coincidentally Americans…

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