Spring Forest QiGong for Bad Balance?

Remove Energy Blocks to Restore Flow

Spring Forest QiGong for Bad Balance?

One of my elderly neighbors fell last week and broke her shoulder and arm.

After a stay in the hospital, she went to a rehabilitation clinic.

When she returns home, I intend to introduce her to Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong; because

  • Spring Forest QiGong will help her heal…
  • Spring Forest QiGong will help her sense of balance…
  • Spring Forest QiGong is an exercise…
  • Spring Forest QiGong can be done sitting down or standing up…
  • Spring Forest QiGong is a slow and gentle program…

Here explore for yourself with Chun Yi Lin:

Moving of Yin & Yang with Master Chunyi Lin – Spring Forest Qigong

“The Moving of Yin & Yang is one of the basic Level One Active Exercises of Spring Forest Qigong created by qigong master Chunyi Lin.”

“Chunyi Lin designed all Spring Forest Qigong Active Exercises to get your bodys energy flowing, enhance the flow of your energy, open any energy blockages you may have, and bring your energy back into balance. With energy balance comes optimal health, wellness and healing.”

“Each Active Exercise also provides a specific additional benefit.”

“The Moving of Yin and Yang exercise is specifically focused to help heal your internal organs.”

“Breathe slowly, gently and deeply while doing the movement to help balance your energy even faster and gently place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth. That is the switch that connects your bodies two main energy channels and will enhance the flow of your energy even more. You can do the movement while standing, sitting, or lying down.”

“You can experience the Energy of Spring Forest Qigong practice right now…
All you have to do is watch the video and follow along.”


I will suggest she check her meds with the Life Extension Foundation Pharmacy to see which meds or combinations may be causing her loss of balance.

I will also recommend some excellent sources of bioavailable calcium.  Unfortunately as we age our ability to absorb nutrients deteriorates.

This is a compound problem because many sources of calcium accumulate in unhelpful places, like the arteries.

But, it has been my observation, that many forms of energetic, spiritual, or any of the many names for love healing can bypass many of our deficiencies…

And if she moves into the exercises slowly, there is almost no downside.  She can even do them sitting down.  And more likely than not, she will benefit in many ways.

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